If you pay a $ deposit and then for some reason don’t like or want your finished caravan, we will refund your deposit in full, no questions asked.

The Hammervan Design Difference

Built with Amazingly Strong 9mm Marine Ply Walls.
Apart from being a lot stronger and less susceptible to damage Marine Ply is much easier and quicker to repair and can carried out by anyone with basic construction know-how.
FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Panel) can only be repaired by a caravan repair agent requiring cranes and a full side skin replacement.
Aluminium Cladding is easy to dent but NOT to repair. Half the wall is removed which is slow and expensive and requires industrial tools and hard to get materials.
Other caravan types result in Lengthy repair times as well as high materials and labour costs results in hundreds of caravans in workshops and out of action for months.
Come look, see and feel the luxurious Hammervan difference – Caravans that are way more solid than any others on the market